Have Yourself a Cozy Fall ðŸ

It’! And you know what that means? In my calendar, summer is over and fall is here! My husband an I celebrated our 2 year anniversary a few days ago and his gift to me was being able to go spend some money at Target for fall decor! The BEST gift ever!

So of course the next day I decorated with all of our fall stuff! I’m not really into Halloween decorations…but I am for fall! Here are my top tips on having a cozy home for Fall! Now go grab yourself some hot chocolate and cuddle up in blanket as you read this. 

1. Oranges, browns, grays, and any other warm color should be the main colors of your decor. This really helps create that cozy feel. If you have bright pinks and greens, although cute, summer will linger a little longer. 

2. Candles. Living in Norway for a year and a half, I learned that candles make everything cozy. It’s not only the pumpkiny smell from it, but also the warm glow it brings to the room that creates that cozy fall aura.

3. Foliage decor is a must. Fall is the best time to take out your fake leaves and flowers to create that flawless autumn look in your home. Real plants are beautiful, but how can you keep fall leaves alive? Fake flowers and leaves are beautiful in the home this time of year!

4. Create a reading nook or cozy place for you and your guests to sit. Include blankets so that of they’re cold, they have something to cuddle! (Let’s be real, this is totally for you!) In Norway, they even put blankets on the outdoor chairs at restaurants. 

5. Lastly, the coziest thing you can do this time of year is spend time with family. In the end, thigmd don’t matter – but your loved ones do! 

Hope you have the coziest of falls 🍁

xoxo – Sierra 

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