9 1/2 Month Old Mae: Teething Galore!

Well Mae has her two bottom teeth AND one two tooth! I swear by morning she will have her second tooth. All other moms know what this means…terrible sleep, clingy baby, and tough days. Now, some of these things aren’t too bad. A clingy baby = a snuggly baby in some cases. šŸ˜Š

So here are 5 tips I have for what to do when you have a teething baby!

1. Get ready to breastfeed 24/7. Mae hasn’t been extremely interested in eating these past few days. However, she has wanted to nurse so often. This means lots of snuggles for me!

2. Find something that your baby loves to chew. She usually loves Graham crackers, but since teething full on she hasn’t liked eating them since they are hard and hurt her gums. Cucumbers or something big they won’t choke on are nice options!

3. In addition to #2, find a teething toy your baby loves. We have started brushing her little teeth at night and have found that she LOVES to chew on the plasticy baby toothbrush she has.

4. Naked juice, homemade fruit slushes, and other juices will give your baby relief from chewing food but also give them the nutrients they need. We fed Mae a homemade watermelon slushie tonight and she loved it! She also loves to chew and eat a nice sized chunk of cucumber.

5. Give your baby Infants Tylenol or Infants Motrin right before bed! This will help them be able to sleep well (or atleast better than they would) throughout the night and not wake up crying on pain. (None of us want that for then either!) 
Well there you have it! My 5 tips for a teething baby. I hope you found these useful and that your baby finds some relief!


Sierra (a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson)

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