Ergobaby 360 Review

I finally got an Ergobaby 360! I have wanted one for so long now, so we finally splurged and got one! Baby wearing is so fun and practical. Here are a few reasons why I love the Ergobaby.


  1. It is so comfortable! Since Mae was born, I have been using a Baby Bjorn. It definitely did the job, but my shoulders hurt from using it! With the Ergobaby 360, the weight is all on your hips. While carrying a 20 pound baby, this is totally worth having!
  2. It is classy! I got the full black version because I love the thought of it working with any outfit I have. Also, it is great that it is black because my husband can wear it also!
  3. Mae loves to face forward. By having 4 different positions for her to be in, she will for sure find one way to be comfortable!


So go check out their website! (No, this isn’t an ad…I just love this carrier so much!)



Sierra (a.k.a. mrs. robinson)

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