Why Dads are Important

I’m so excited that Father’s Day is coming up in a little more than a week! It’s Brett’s first as a dad and I am so happy for him. Father’s day has always been a fun day, where we decorate paper ties in church for our dads, give them gifts, and share with them how much we love them, but it has a new meaning for me this year. Of course my focus is still on my own dad, but now my sweet baby girl has a dad to celebrate! Who else is in this same boat?
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Anywho, I’ll write more about Father’s Day when it actually comes. Haha. But today I wanted to write about the importance of dads. Now I know that not everyone has a dad. Not everyone has a mom either. But I was blessed with both, and now we are blessing our sweet girl with both.
Dads are important. On my list of “what I want in my future husband” that I made when I was probably 14, I wrote that I want a husband who will play with our kids. Even though Mae is only 6 1/2 months old, Brett does that. When he is with Mae, they are always playing. He loves to make her laugh. He will do anything for her – and I love that.
It is so important that children have a dad in their lives. With a dad, you can learn to be adventurous, you can learn that men should be chivalrous (even though they say that chivalry is dying). Brett is amazing at that. He is such a gentleman to me and Mae. He puts us first. That is the best characteristic of him as a dad. He loves us. It’s that simple. And we love him.
I am so thankful for Brett and that he is such an amazing dad. I am also so grateful to have a dad myself who has taught me that life is full of adventure – we just have to find it!


Sierra (a.k.a mrs. robinson)

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