My Favorite Stage (…so far)

We all say that “this is my favorite time with my baby!” But every time the baby gets older, it becomes our NEW favorite time! Well, here I am saying that this is DEFINITELY my favorite age for Mae. She is so sweet, cuddly, talkative, smiley, and overall fun. However, with all of this personality change comes maturity and development. It’s fun! But it’s also scary. Any mamas out there agree?


Here are the main changes that I have noticed.
1. Mae is way more mobile and would jump out of my arms and walk if she could.
2. She is ready to eat! No, I’m not talking about pureed baby food. She wants the good stuff!
3. Sleep is hard.
4. She is so proud of herself for being able to “talk.”
A couple of nights ago we were sleeping at my parents house about 30 minutes away from where we live. My husband and I were both about to fall asleep and Mae woke up. This doesn’t sound that weird because she wakes up every night a couple of times. But this time she was wide awake! She was babbling and rolling and thinking it was morning. We came to the conclusion that she was just so excited that she could “talk” that she did not want to fall back asleep! What a sweet girl.
5. Playing is her favorite thing. Before, I feel like we would have to entertain her. But if she has her toys and is sitting up next to them, she is content! But even though she can play alone, she always prefers either mommy or daddy to play too.

So since this stage is relevantly easy, my tips will be kept short.
– Play, play, play. It is so important to spend time teaching your baby and playing with them. This helps with bonding – and who doesn’t love to play with a sweet baby?!
– If your baby wakes up in the middle of the night, take a breathe. Realize that they will go back to sleep eventually. Enjoy their babbling and rolling – don’t wish for it to be gone. It will help you get through it easier!
– Encourage your baby to say words! Clap and holler when they say something – it will make them feel good!


Any different changes you have noticed? Different tips? Share them with me in a comment – I’d love to here!


mrs. robinson

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