Have Yourself a Cozy Fall ๐Ÿ

It’! And you know what that means? In my calendar, summer is over and fall is here! My husband an I celebrated our 2 year anniversary a few days ago and his gift to me was being able to go spend some money at Target for fall decor! The BEST gift ever!

So of course the next day I decorated with all of our fall stuff! I’m not really into Halloween decorations…but I am for fall! Here are my top tips on having a cozy home for Fall! Now go grab yourself some hot chocolate and cuddle up in blanket as you read this. 

1. Oranges, browns, grays, and any other warm color should be the main colors of your decor. This really helps create that cozy feel. If you have bright pinks and greens, although cute, summer will linger a little longer. 

2. Candles. Living in Norway for a year and a half, I learned that candles make everything cozy. It’s not only the pumpkiny smell from it, but also the warm glow it brings to the room that creates that cozy fall aura.

3. Foliage decor is a must. Fall is the best time to take out your fake leaves and flowers to create that flawless autumn look in your home. Real plants are beautiful, but how can you keep fall leaves alive? Fake flowers and leaves are beautiful in the home this time of year!

4. Create a reading nook or cozy place for you and your guests to sit. Include blankets so that of they’re cold, they have something to cuddle! (Let’s be real, this is totally for you!) In Norway, they even put blankets on the outdoor chairs at restaurants. 

5. Lastly, the coziest thing you can do this time of year is spend time with family. In the end, thigmd don’t matter – but your loved ones do! 

Hope you have the coziest of falls ๐Ÿ

xoxo – Sierra 

9 1/2 Month Old Mae: Teething Galore!

Well Mae has her two bottom teeth AND one two tooth! I swear by morning she will have her second tooth. All other moms know what this means…terrible sleep, clingy baby, and tough days. Now, some of these things aren’t too bad. A clingy baby = a snuggly baby in some cases. ๐Ÿ˜Š

So here are 5 tips I have for what to do when you have a teething baby!

1. Get ready to breastfeed 24/7. Mae hasn’t been extremely interested in eating these past few days. However, she has wanted to nurse so often. This means lots of snuggles for me!

2. Find something that your baby loves to chew. She usually loves Graham crackers, but since teething full on she hasn’t liked eating them since they are hard and hurt her gums. Cucumbers or something big they won’t choke on are nice options!

3. In addition to #2, find a teething toy your baby loves. We have started brushing her little teeth at night and have found that she LOVES to chew on the plasticy baby toothbrush she has.

4. Naked juice, homemade fruit slushes, and other juices will give your baby relief from chewing food but also give them the nutrients they need. We fed Mae a homemade watermelon slushie tonight and she loved it! She also loves to chew and eat a nice sized chunk of cucumber.

5. Give your baby Infants Tylenol or Infants Motrin right before bed! This will help them be able to sleep well (or atleast better than they would) throughout the night and not wake up crying on pain. (None of us want that for then either!) 
Well there you have it! My 5 tips for a teething baby. I hope you found these useful and that your baby finds some relief!


Sierra (a.k.a. Mrs. Robinson)

8 Month Old Mae: Tubes

Well we kept this mostly to ourselves that Mae was going to get tubes in her ears. Not for a specific reason – that’s just how it happened. When I was young, around the age of 6, I got tubes in both ears and later got a tempanoplasty. My husband, Brett, also har ear problems growing up, so this wasn’t a surprise.

The doctors said that usually if a baby or child has more than 3 (or so) ear infections in 6 months then they should get tubes. Mae has had 5 in 2 to 3 months. She’s been on and off Amoxicillin but after a few days would be tugging on her ears again. Turns out she had a lot of fluid sitting in one of her ears but had problems with both. We decided that tubes were worth it for her (helping the fluid drain because her eustation tubes were level instead of tiltedโ€ฆlike many babies).

They are just small tubes (obviously…right? Haha) that go in the eardrum. After about 6 months to a year and a half they should fall out on their own. Since babies can pop their ears like we do, tubes make it so that they don’t have to! Amazing, right!?

Last night we weren’t allowed to feed her anything past midnight. Mae still nurses to sleep and wakes up in the middle of the night wanting to be nursed back to sleep. Brett stayed up and made sure I didn’t feed her self consiously and to help get her back to sleep. Long story short, she was up from around 1:00 – 2:45 with Brett and 2:45 – 4:00 with me and Brett back and forth. We tried Moana, a passie, walking around, etc. Finally right before 4:00 a.m. she fell asleep on a walk with Brett. She slept the whole 30 minute car ride to the ENT Surgery center which was amazing! We had to get there at 6:30 and funny enough, neither Brett or I heard our alarms! Mae woke up at 5:45 (when we were planning on leaving) and I checked the clock! What a tender mercy!

When we got there a bunch of paper work was filled out and Mae got to play with some toys. We still had her in her Winnie the Pooh footsie pajamas so that she could be cozy. She played with some toys our in the lobby, which was nice for her! 

We got back there and they weighed her, measured her, etc. Mae and I sat on the bed and changed between me or Brett holding her. The anesthesiologist talked to us and Mae even got a cute pinked stuffed animal! 

Around 7:40 we walked back with her and they wrapped her in a warm blanket. We had to stand behind a blue line and watch her fall asleep with the mask on. She hated it because we weren’t there and it honestly broke my heart. ๐Ÿ’”

We waited in the waiting room and had hot chocolate and cider from a Keurig. And um… I want one!!! Only about 8 minutes later he came out and told us how it went! It went great and she didn’t have any infection but only some fluid in one of her ears. Thy role us at first that they only give pain medication through a shot (for the after period) to babies a year or older. But Mae weighed enough for them to give it to her! There are SO many pros to having a cute chubby baby!

 They told us when she started to wake up we would go back there. But when babies have anesthesia they tend to be really emotional. Mae was totally limp and asleep but crying so much. It broke my heart. While I was holding her she was even fighting it but totally asleep. The anesthesiologist said that her mind was probably still back there with all of them meanies. Haha probably true! She calmed down as I nursed her. It’s funny to me and Brett pointed out that I am so much more comfortable breastfeeding in public (like doctors offices and such) now than I was before. I told him that if my baby needs me it doesn’t matter whose around! He totally understood and we marveled with how much things have changed. ๐Ÿ™‚

We were finally able to leave and had to walk around outside a little bit. The whole drive home was full of full in laughing from Mae and then all of us sudden crying. Her poor emotions and body have never had so much medication in her! When we got home she was all the way back to normal!

She has been more talkative and active today then ever! She’s slept a lot and wanted to snuggle me, but her balance has been better and she’s been so happy! She is still tugging on her ears a little bit – but they said that would be normal from getting this done.

I share this as a journal for me and my posterity but also for any other mamma’s that may go through this with their little one. I hope this helps and gives you peace of mind! 


Sierra (mrs robinson)

Why I’m So Tired

Being a mom is tiring. Everyone warns you, but no one can really prepare for it. Waking up in the middle of the night, multiple times, and then going at it all day – it’s tiring! But so worth it. But my fatigue didn’t start here.

I served an LDS mission in Norway. Being a missionary is tiring. Everyone warns you, but no one can really prepare for it. Waking up at 6:30 every morning, working all day, and doing it all over again – it’s tiring! But so worth it.


While I was in Norway, I was told that I was still anemic (which I wasn’t surprised about) and that I had traces of Mono. (Honestly no idea where that came from!) So I ate leverpostei (liver pate), took Iron supplements, and did all I could to gain energy. I fought through it. A few months later I was sent up north to Tromso Norway. I was SO excited! I wanted to serve there so badly, and I was so blessed! A month or so in to serving there, my hand and foot started tingling. I felt exhausted. Throughout my mission I would have to sit down at every bus stop due to fatigue. I blamed it on anemia. But at this point in my mission, stress came over me as I was terrified that I might possibly be diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis – that my mom had had when I was younger. (That is a whole other story about a true miracle).


Anyways, my mission president told me to rest. His wife, Sister Evans, sent me medication and other things to do so that I could get better. I stayed in bed for probably a week. I was scared and exhausted. I went to doctors and they told me that I was 100% healthy. I didn’t believe it, but I assumed that if they didn’t find anything big then there wasn’t too much need to worry. My companion and I decided to go on a diet from sugars and carbs. This turned out to me a tender mercy for the both of us. I got back on my feet and finished my mission exhausted (like everyone else…but to a different degree) and happy.


Fast-forward 3 years. About 3 weeks ago I went to the doctor. I felt some anxiety and thought that maybe I was anemic again (I wasn’t when I was pregnant!) or that something else was wrong with me. They found that I had a Vitamin D deficiency but nothing else. So I decided to go to another doctor (instead of just a PA from the college I attend).

The next week I met with the doctor and got my blood tested. I heard back from them about 5 days later. They said that I tested positive for Epstein Bar Virus which in turn meant that I most likely (with the other symptoms that I have) was being diagnosed with an autoimmune disease called Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. I wasn’t surprised because I had the feeling the past few weeks that this was a possibility. However, any news like this isn’t amazing.

Talking with my mom, I was trying to figure out when I had the first “outbreak” of the Epstein Bar Virus. This links it all right back to that week on my mission that I stayed at home and rested. 3 years of Chronic Fatigue without knowing it.

So although motherhood is tiring and being a missionary is tiring, having Chronic Fatigue on top of it is also tiring. Don’t get me wrong, I am not trying to have a pity party. Trust me, I don’t want that. I’m just sharing my story. It is possible to fulfill your dreams when you have a physical ailment. I am not using this as an excuse. It is just written into my story. I am not going to let it define me, I am just going to defeat it through fulfilling my dream every day. Being a mom and wife has been my dream for forever! And although I have Chronic Fatigue, I am going to LIVE my life the way I have always wanted it to be.




Sierra (a.k.a. mrs. robinson)

Ergobaby 360 Review

I finally got an Ergobaby 360! I have wanted one for so long now, so we finally splurged and got one! Baby wearing is so fun and practical. Here are a few reasons why I love the Ergobaby.


  1. It is so comfortable! Since Mae was born, I have been using a Baby Bjorn. It definitely did the job, but my shoulders hurt from using it! With the Ergobaby 360, the weight is all on your hips. While carrying a 20 pound baby, this is totally worth having!
  2. It is classy! I got the full black version because I love the thought of it working with any outfit I have. Also, it is great that it is black because my husband can wear it also!
  3. Mae loves to face forward. By having 4 different positions for her to be in, she will for sure find one way to be comfortable!


So go check out their website! (No, this isn’t an ad…I just love this carrier so much!)



Sierra (a.k.a. mrs. robinson)